Saturday, 10 May 2014

VideoCoPilot Launches MotionPulse

I just love VideoCopilot and they bring the top natch tools for designers... And now Andrew came up with a stunning Sound design tool named- MotionPulse... Visit : Motion Pulse/Video CoPilot for more details...

Thursday, 13 March 2014

SIM's Appealing Video Creation Service (Promo)


The Much Needed “Power-Play” To Your Brand Marketing Campaign Online….

If “a picture speaks a thousand words” just imagine the vital effect of so many moving pictures! The good old content marketing is still significant but if you are looking for the needed zing in your brand exhibition, the cutting-edge online video marketing is the incomparable choice for you.
  • Video ensures a quick understanding of your marketing message in this busy world that hardly leaves time to go through long written parts.
  • Humans have a natural ability of moving visual presentations and hence videos are always more appealing in comparison to texts.
  • Google seems to have a soft corner for video enriched online marketing campaigns- a video powered site is most likely to fetch a higher status on Google.
  • Video marketing is indeed inexpensive
video creation service

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Best Christmas wishes and greetings from Submitinme

Hello all,

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year...

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

On-line shopping & sales during Christmas- A statistical Depiction

Astonishing Christmas Shopping Statistics :

  • 45% of e-retailers expect higher holiday web sales this year
  • According to a recent research report from VALASSIS, 78% shoppers are planning to use promotional offers when doing their Christmas shopping this year
  • 98% customers have reported that discounts will play an important role in purchasing decisions this holiday season
  • Accenture states that 65% of U.S. shoppers will browse online and buy in store over the holidays.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Triple your revenue in six months by enhancing local visibility

 Must Local SEO Package

Do you know that enhancing your local visibility can help you triple your revenue in just 6 months… By getting your business listed in local directories you can get a lot of traffic, also you can get more traffic from map listing, GPS listing, decent online reviews and many more…

Opt for the best local SEO package from and get ready to triple your revenue...

Monday, 18 November 2013

Finding Your YouTube Fans Now Easy and Free

YouTube fan finder |

Guess I don’t have to tell you the importance of YouTube in the digital marketing sector. But what you know about advertising your YouTube channel inside YouTube itself, putting a video ad to promote your channel and in turn your company or brand? It’s been in YouTube for a long time but now only they came up with the new feature called “Fan Finder” to help you using the ad features. You heard it right, go to your channel manager and navigate to channel settings and there you can find it.

Fan finder is here to help you to find more fans by letting YouTube to promote your channel at no cost. YES! Free Free Free…  So what are you waiting for go to Fan Finder and start promoting your channel now. But hey, do you have a video that can captivate audience? To get the best out of the service you have to be ready with a channel video promo that can actually perform well. If you are not certain about how should a channel ad look like I recommend you to watch this,

With a funny introduction it can for sure build up the curiosity in the audience to watch more. And in the following 46 seconds the video definitely, definitely succeed in giving you the idea what the channel is all about. The music and the fast frames produce a special feel both visually and audibly. And in the end a well-placed call to action you can never resist. Do you want to create something extra ordinary just like this, well keep reading…

In short your ad should be capable to get their attention, tell your story and finally to call them to action. All of this should be achieved within a minute or less, which is not an easy task.

5 seconds: That’s all you got to capture the attention of your viewers and to keep them watching or click on the ad instead of the skip button. Make that count, unlike your normal YouTube video don’t place a still image or texts or pure branding in the first 5 seconds of the video. Place something interesting enough to get their attention.

30 seconds: Once you get noticed things get more easier, all you have to do is keep up that momentum and keep them watching. Try to tell your story fast but without missing important points, shorter the better but you can take up to 30-45 seconds. Writing the right script is very crucial in ad production, you should keep your brand and targeted audience in your mind while scripting. It should focus on a clear message that needs to be delivered in the same time it should resemble the look and feel of your channel, theme and the category it belongs to. Use graphics and music to increase the overall impact of the video.

10 seconds: The end 10 seconds should be used well to have a clear call to action to subscribe; it can be through annotations or by tempting audience to read description for more links. Using annotation is highly recommended and don’t forgot to notify them what subscribe means with a text or voice message. For example you can say “For more funny videos, subscribe to our channel” if your channel is all about fun.
Adding an event details or anything time sensitive is not recommended in channel ads, create an ad as a long run option.

Create your channel ad today and get noticed in YouTube that is get noticed by billions of new audience. Let me remind you once again- Create an ad that can get their attention, then tell your story and call them for action. If you are not used to video creation and stuffs hiring an expert is recommended; so that you won’t mess-up your first impression on that billions of audience out there.

Here are some more videos for an inspiration:

Comedy               :
Gaming                :
Action                  :
Education             :